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Martin Balga, CPA, P.C. 1832 Independence Sq, Suite C 30338
Weekly Scheduled Rides
Mondays @ 6:30 pm - Dunwoody 20; (Los Rancheros on Jett Ferry).  Dinner afterwards (contact: or
Tuesdays @ 6:30 pm - See and Be Seen, 23 miles; (Mellow Mushroom in Dunwoody Village). A & B groups. A = drop, B = no drop with regroup points.  Dinner afterward (contact:
Wednesdays @ 12:00 pm - Lunch Bunch 20 (Fresh Market in Dunwoody Village) (contact:
Thursdays @ 6:30 pm - 20ish Ride , 20 miles; (Village Burger).  Dinner afterward (contact:
Fridays @ 12:00 pm - Weekend Warm-up, 15 miles, No Drop; (Fresh Market in Dunwoody Village) (contact:
Saturdays @ 6:30 am - Saturday Warm Up, 1 hour warm up ride; (Dunwoody High School) (contact:
Saturdays @ 7:30 am - Saturday Group Ride, 36 miles with A & B groups; (Dunwoody High School) (contact:
Sundays @ 6:30 am - Sunday Warm Up, 1.5 hour warm up before CFA; (NY Butcher Shoppe) (contact:
Sundays @ 8:00 am - Chick-fil-A Ride, one of 2 routes (Brookhaven or Vinings); (Chick-fil-A on Mt Vernon near Abernathy) (contact:

Monthly Scheduled Rides
1st Sunday of the Month @ 3:00 pm - Sunday Cycle, 4.5 miles; (Bruster's in Dunwoody Village).  (contact:


The Dark Side Scheduled Rides (contact: for information about these rides)
Tuesdays @ 5:30am - TTT Laps (4) / 24 miles
Thursdays @ 5:30am - Ball Mill Repeats (5)
Saturdays @ 5:30am - Camel Back with a Side of Overlook, 42 miles, A and B groups
Sundays @ 5:30am - Sunday Darkside Ride, (Similar to the 7:30 Saturday Ride with no Stop for Donuts) 48 miles, A group
Dunwoody Cycling (DC) is purely a social club of cycling enthusiasts.   DC does not undertake to provide any advice or guidance regarding, or supervision of, any club activity or to ensure in any way the safety of any member.  Anyone choosing to take part in any club-related activity does so at his or her own risk. All riders under 18 years of age or five feet tall must be accompanied by a parent at all times.
DC does not endorse any opinions that may expressed by any of its members, particularly any such opinions that may be offered on the rides.  If you are easily offended, we recommend that you ride with a nicer group.   Seriously.
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