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Martin Balga, CPA, P.C. 1832 Independence Sq, Suite C 30338
regular rides

Weekly Scheduled Rides
Day Time Description Location Distance Group/Pace Drop Contact Comment
Monday 6:00pm Turtle Ride Los Rancheros, Jett Ferry Road 16-20 C/D (~12-14 mph avg)  No Glen This is a small group that rides most weeks
but not always. If you are new, email the ride
leader to see if the group is riding that week.
Be sure to say that you're asking about the Turtle
ride since the Dunwoody 20 also rides on Mondays.
Monday 6:30pm Dunwoody 20 Los Rancheros, Jett Ferry Road 20 B No Glen  eat afterwards (maybe)
Tuesday 6:30pm See and Be Seen Mellow Mushroom, Dunwoody Village 23 A/B A:Yes/B:No Martin Pizza afterwards
Wednesday 12:00pm Lunch Bunch Fresh Market, Dunwoody 20 B Yes Martin Regroups after climbs
Thursday 6:30pm Social Ride Village Burger, Dunwoody 20-25 B- No Joe eat afterward
Thursday 6:30pm No Guy Ride Dunwoody Country Club 18   No Sydney
Light snacks afterwards
Friday 10:30am Weekend Warm-up Fresh Market, Dunwoody 15 C No Andrew  
Saturday 6:30am Saturday Warmup Dunwoody High School, Dunwoody   B No Martin  
Saturday 7:30am Saturday Group Ride Dunwoody High School, Dunwoody   A, B Yes Martin Mid-point rest stop
Sunday 6:30am Sunday Warmup Crema Cafe, Dunwoody   B No Martin  
Sunday 8:00am Sunday AM Ride
Chick-Fil-A, Dunwoody 30 A, B Yes Carlos Some regrouping after climbs
Sunday 1:30pm Sunday PM Ride Dunwoody High School, Dunwoody 40 A, B Yes Scott Some regrouping after climbs
The Dark Side Scheduled Rides
Day Time Description Location Distance Group/Pace Drop Contact
Tuesday 5:30am TTT Laps (4) Dunwoody High School 24 A Yes
Thursday 5:30am Ball Mill Repeats (5) Dunwoody High School 17 A Yes
Saturday 5:30am Camel Back with a Side of Overlook Dunwoody High School 42 A Yes
Sunday 5:30am Sunday Darkside Ride Dunwoody High School 48 A Yes

Monthly Scheduled Rides
Day Time Description Location Distance Group/Pace Drop Contact
1st Sunday of month 2:45pm Dunwoody Community Ride - all ages welcome Village Burger in Dunwoody Village 4.5 miles 8-10mph No Glen

What do the Group / Paces mean?
If you are a newcomer to DunwoodyCycling but you have done other riding in the Atlanta area, and you have some idea how fast
you usually go, these designations should be a guide as to which rides are for you.
     A group - average 18 - 20+ mph   (23+ mph on flats - Aggressive/Attacking ride, often in paceline.
     B group - average 15.5 - 17.5 mph  (18-22 mph on flats - Friendly, competitive ride.
     C group - average 14 - 15 mph     (15-17 mph on flats - Social  pace.
     D group - average under 14 mph   (under 15 mph on flats - Beginners or slower riders.)

The "average" is what would be on your odometer at the end of the ride, while the "on flats" is how fast you generally go on flat terrain.
Other than flat bike trails with no traffic, most riding in Atlanta (including DunwoodyCycling rides) will have an average
which is
2-4 mph less than the "on flats" pace because of slowdowns for hills, turns, stop signs, red lights, etc. (The average
does not include time stopped at a red light but it does include the slowing down and starting out again from the light.)

Caveat: A few DunwoodyCycling rides may be especially hilly ("Ball Mill repeats") or especially flat (some of the "warmup" rides).
In which case, the difference between "average" and "on flats" may be somewhat more or less than above for that particular ride.
Still, these group designations will convey a general sense of what level of rider can do the ride.

Dunwoody Cycling (DC) is purely a social club of cycling enthusiasts. DC does not undertake to provide
any advice or guidance regarding, or supervision of, any club activity or to ensure in any way the safety
of any member. Anyone choosing to take part in any club-related activity does so at his or her own risk.
All riders under 18 years of age or five feet tall must be accompanied by a parent at all times.

DC does not endorse any opinions that may expressed by any of its members, particularly any such
opinions that may be offered on the rides.  If you are easily offended, we recommend that you ride with
a nicer group. Seriously.